Brunner Aerospace
Defense Services

Brunner Aero Defense provides customers with a comprehensive solution to combat mission training needs.  As military officers, the Brunner Aero team developed training programs for use by Allied forces.  Now, these seasoned instructors have used the same best practices to build a Training Syllabi that will properly equip personnel to command the most challenging scenarios. The syllabi are focused on four pillars:

  • Discipline
  • Comprehension
  • Standards and
  • Success

Aviation Tactical Courses Offered:

  • Personnel and Equipment Recovery (Combat Rescue)
  • High Altitude Aviation Training
  • Open Ocean Water Training
  • Urban Tactics
  • Counter Terrorism Assault Course
  • Dissimilar Formation Flying
  • NVG Low Level Formation
  • Fixed/Rotary Wing Asset Integration and Command/ Control
  • Parachute Training (HALO/HAHO)
  • Aerial Sniper
  • Inquire about BALLC Customized Solutions
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