Brunner Aerospace
Training Services

Brunner is here to serve.  We offer unique and comprehensive training based on customer request.  Bring us your vision and we’ll show you how to make it your reality.

Brunner offers pilot qualification and extraordinary maneuver training in a variety of airframes.  We also offer:

Mission Qualification Courses

  • NVG Emergency Procedure Training
  • NVG Recurrency Training
  • Tactical Low Level Training
  • Fast Rope Operations
  • Rooftop Insertion/Extraction

Advance Mission Qualification

  • Shipboard Operations
  • MOUT Operations
  • Aerial Gunnery
  • Aerial Sniper

Live Tissue Training

  • As authorized aerial feral hog eradicators through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Brunner Aero is the ONLY operation in the US with live tissue training for aerial sniper operations.
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