Brunner Aerospace
Utility Services

The Mission of Brunner Aero Utility is provide a cost-effective, safe and reliable service to support on-call, on-demand aviation needs. From mudslides to power lines, Brunner Aero’s wholly owned subsidiary (Utility Aviation) with its fleet of rotary and fixed wing aircraft are ready to support air transportation requirements in the most challenging environments.

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Utility Aviation offers, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Delivery of Equipment and Supplies
  • Deploying Smokejumpers and Rappellers to a Fire
  • Transport Firefighters
  • Providing Reconnaissance of New Fire, Fire Locations and Fire Behaviors
  • Dropping Fire Retardant or Water to Slow Down Fires
  • Igniting Prescribed Fires
  • Wire Inspection & Stringing
  • Marker Ball Installation
  • Energized Line Services
  • Energized Insulator Washing
  • Aerial Spraying
  • Aerial Eradication
  • Wildlife Management
  • Chartered Operations