Brunner Aerospace
USAF IFT-R Program

From August 2020 to February 2024, Brunner Aero provided initial rotary wing qualification and seasoning training to United States Air Force helicopter pilots at our facility at the Georgetown Executive Airport in Georgetown, TX. A mix of USAF active duty and Air National Guard pilots, many of our students started the training program with zero flight hours. The rigorous, fast-paced program put 50 flight hours on our students, including 3 solo hours (with 1.5 solo cross-country hours), 3 night hours, and 10 instrument familiarization hours.

Our team of highly motivated and extremely talented instructor pilots was comprised of Army, Air Force, and Marine veterans, most of whom are combat vets. With over 58,000 combined flight hours, our instructor pilots understood the demands helicopter pilots face and were committed to ensuring our students were successful. Upon completion of the program, the Brunner Aero team graduated 163 pilots with a 100% success rate.

It was our great privilege to contribute to continuing national defense efforts and shape the future of military aviation.

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