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Brunner Aero Awarded Helicopter Acquisition Contract

Pinckney, MI (October 8, 2019) – Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources has awarded a helicopter acquisition contract to Brunner Aerospace, LLC (Brunner Aero).  The contract requires Brunner Aero to secure a Bell 407GX on behalf of GADNR in exchange for two of the department’s Bell 206 L4 helicopters. GADNR has specific avionic and component requests for the newly acquired Bell 407GX and Brunner Aero looks forward to finding an aircraft that is a perfect fit.  When they do, Brunner Aero plans to offer the two 206L4 airframes for sale.

With this contract, Brunner Aero continues to expand into local law enforcement arenas. The Brunner staff have built and launched extensive law enforcement programs internationally. They hope to continue to use those skills locally.  “This is an exciting opportunity for Brunner Aero to utilize our expertise in the industry. Our staff knows the equipment that we use every day and we understand the demands that GADNR pilots face. We know we can deliver a high-value, quality aircraft to the state of Georgia that exceeds expectations,” stated John Brunner – Brunner Aero CEO.

About Brunner Aerospace
Brunner Aerospace, LLC (Brunner Aero) is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) founded on a commitment to honesty, integrity, and ethical business practices. Brunner Aero deeply respects cultural diversity and abides the laws in countries of operation. Created with a single focus to become a world-class leader in aviation services, Brunner Aero rapidly built a diversified portfolio to support any customer need. Through past performance, mergers, acquisitions and industrial growth, Brunner Aero is a reliable, proven, cost-effective solution.  The aviation professionals who lead Brunner Aerospace always do what it takes to be the best.
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