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Brunner Aero Awarded Air Force Training

Pinckney, MI (September 2020)–Brunner Aerospace, LLC (Brunner Aero) has signed a subcontractor agreement with the United States Air Force to provide pilot initial qualification and seasoning training to US Helicopter pilots. Training is to be conducted at Brunner Aero’s training facility in Georgetown, TX. This experimental helicopters-only flight school is resurrecting a program that was discontinued in the 1990s. Brunner Aero is…

Brunner Aero Awarded Maintenance Support and Recurrency Training for Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office

Pinckney, MI (January 2, 2019)–Brunner Aerospace, LLC (Brunner Aero) has signed an agreement to provide maintenance support services and recurrency training for Florida’s Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Air Support Unit at its training facility in Georgetown, TX. “This contract builds on our previous experience to establish Brunner Aero as a leader in the law enforcement training environment as we offer a cost-effective way for…

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